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We are residents of Wynola Estates who have a desire to assist in managing the fire risks to the area.

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Our Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

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It takes a village.

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Quick Links to help with Defensible Space and Weed Abatement

San Diego County Fire Authority



The Prevention division of the San Diego County Fire Authority is   responsible for the following programs and services:

  • Weed abatement and defensible space inspections
  • Discretionary project review
  • Plan check of building     permit applications and fire suppression/protection systems*
  • Inspections of new construction and fire suppression/protection   systems*
  • Sheriff's licensing inspections
  • Inspections     of State licensed care facilities

*Agencies/areas we provide fire prevention services for: Borrego   Springs FPD, Deer Springs FPD, Julian-Cuyamaca FPD, Lakeside FPD,   Ramona MWD, Mootamai MWD, Pauma Valley MWD, Yuima MWD, and those   communities within CSA 135.

Contact info:  SDCFA

California Defensible Space Law


Public Resource code (PRC) 4291

Cal Fire’s Defensible Space Inspectors (DSI) are visiting homes within  the State Responsibility Area (SRA) to enforce the Defensible Space  code, Public Resource Code (PRC) 4291. It requires residents of California to provide and maintain a defensible space of 100 feet (minimum) around all structures

City of San Diego Fire Rescue Department


To get answers to current codes and weed abatement issues, call The City of San Diego Fire Rescue Community Risk Reduction Program at (619) 533-4444.

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You can also reach us by mail or by phone at:

Wynola Estates Fire Safe Council

Po Box 621 Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

(760) 805-3801