About us

Coko Brown


Coko Brown is a 4th generation native San Diegan. For decades, this area has been the destination for family gatherings.  Witnessing many fires over the years and the devastation that they caused in the area, Coko is inspired to do what she can to help preserve the natural resources, wildlife and the community's homes.  Coko and Tim moved to Wynola Estates in 2011 and formed the FSC, a non-profit 501C3 organization, in 2015 by recommendation of fire Chief Rick Marinelli.   

Tim Taschler


Tim  has been involved with the financial industry for over 30 years.  In  1986-1988, he was a market maker (floor trader) at the Chicago Board of  Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), where he  traded through the ’87 stock market crash.  He has been involved in both  private equity as well as public markets. In the 9 years  that Tim and his wife Coko, have lived in Wynola Estates, Tim has been a Director on the Boards of the  Wynola Water District, the Wynola Estates HOA and the Wynola Estates  Fire Safe Council.

In the first year of operation, WEFSC received awards and grants that tallied up to over $80,000.00 in goods and services to the community.  These grants were brought in through a host of sponsors.  Coko has received numerous awards and acclaims by county and city officials for her work.  Some of the projects that WEFSC has completed are: defensible space assistance, chipping days, education, dumpsters, and reflective address signs for all homes. The majority of these services and products were offered at no cost to residents.

Coko attends regular meetings in  San Diego and has formed important relationships with agencies involved in fire safety and emergency response.  She has been asked to speak at events about the work that WEFSC does.  She also attends conferences on the latest information related to fire safety and emergency procedures.

Tim's expertise in the financial industry helps WEFSC find opportunities for funding.  His extensive knowledge in business and finance allows the FSC to operate at a high level of financial efficiency and fiscal responsibility.