It Takes a Village.


Join our FSC

I have heard it said over and over, it takes a big fire to get people interested in helping out.  I'm afraid this is true.  Please don't wait to get involved after it is too late. There is a lot to do and we need your help.  Please consider donating your time.

Cash Donations

It is difficult to get grant money when the whole state is suffering from the same issues.  There are only so many dollars to go around.  Grants are sometimes reliant upon matched dollars, so we need to get more dollars to match.  Your donations can help us show the organizations responsible for granting money that this community is invested in it's own safety. That matters, and it matters a lot. Your donations are tax deductible. 

Event Support

Supporting our events is another way to show that the community values the work being done.  Please consider signing up for one of the great classes we offer, attend a FSC meeting, or a future community clean up event.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have knowledge in certain areas of expertise?  If so, you might be able to help get a project started in the community.  Bring us your ideas and abilities