Road Fire Fuel Mitigation project

The Work Has Begun!

WEFSC has been the grateful recipient of a grant for clearing our roads of fire fuels. Read on below. 

WEFSC is Awarded A Roadside Clearing Grant From SDG&E


The Grant

WEFSC  applied for this SDG&E grant in 2019.  The grant writing process takes considerable work and there is a lot of competition for these funds.  WEFSC is extremely grateful to SDG&E for this road-clearing grant.  WEFSC is volunteer-based, all of the money goes to clearing dead trees, bushes and brush along the roadways, and no administration fees are taken. The photo gallery below will show the progress of the project.  The roads will look vastly different and will be much safer upon completion. 

Click the link below to follow the invoicing and payment history for the work.


The Work

Phase 1 of the project will focus on the "U" from Highway 78: Springview,  Mountainbrook and Riverwood.  This section of road represents the ingress and egress of the Wynola Estates Community.  Clearing this major section of roadway increases safety in the event of evacuations, and insures that the fire agencies have access to our community.  The contractor that has been hired to do the work is Storm Streamer,  Four Seasons Tree Company 760.310.5159.

More work  will be planned if funds permit.

Anyone’s property that is affected will receive an email from WEFSC.  There is  6-foot easement on either side of the road, but WEFSC would like property owner’s consent before any clearing work is done.  Property owners will be required to maintain the areas along the road going  forward.  It is our hope that everyone will join in making our  neighborhood as safe as possible.  We do not want to have a situation  like the one in Paradise last year, so please do your part.

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Response to Grant Work information published in the Coko Brown Newsletter

"You are doing a world of good for your community.  Keep it up. It’s incredible how much you accomplish Coko…  artistically and just in your daily living!  And Tim is so onboard with it all and is just as smart and focused to get things done.  The two of you are awesome.."